Make recognition lasting and meaningful

Celebrate employee milestones and achievements by issuing NFTs using Ribbon. No crypto knowledge required.

Mint a professional NFT in seconds with Ribbon

Recognize and reward your employees in your own way.

Permanent recognition

Award and recognize employees with Ribbon NFTs. Each award is a lasting and verifiable record of achievements.

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Track and gain insights

Get quantitative insights into employee recognition across your organization and within teams.

Low impact

Ribbon NFTs use Polygon, a sustainable blockchain. Each NFT has a climate impact equivalent to driving 100m in a car.

No crypto wallet required

Send awards via email or mint directly to Ethereum wallets. No crypto knowledge is required for employees to benefit.

Strengthen culture

Strengthen your workplace culture and improve retention by celebrating milestones and achievements.

Owned by employees

Ribbon award NFTs are owned by employees and stay with them if they leave the company.

Take the hassle out of employee recognition

Invest in your team and create a positive culture by recognizing milestones and achievements.

Awards tailored to your organization

Ribbon makes it easy to create a customized award and send it to an employee as an NFT. No knowledge about cryptocurrencies or NFTs is required.

Track recognition

Create a recognition program and gain insights into the types of recognition employees are receiving and sharing.

See what people are saying about Ribbon

Leah Chapman
People & Talent Specialist,
Local Logic

We want to be innovative with our employee experience and are excited to team up with Ribbon to create lasting recognition that our employees can collect as they achieve great things in the company.  Ribbon NFT has many benefits that can be unlocked for our employees.

Tracy Leparulo
CEO, Untraceable

We are very excited to partner up with Ribbon to celebrate our staff and volunteers for their hard work by giving them NFTs that represent their various achievements.

Co-founder, HairDAO

Ribbon's product is a delight to use, saving us time and money. The product allows our members to be publicly recognized via their on-chain identity, which they can then carry with them throughout Web3. We look forward to our continued partnership.

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